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COO | Product Manager | Business Designer | Full Stack Marketer

Hello, my name is Nayeem Ashrafi and thank you for visiting my website.

Over the past 15+ years, I helped companies reach ‘bottom line’ goals by achieving outstanding customer acquisition, managing product, and services portfolio, strategic moves, new business development and operational excellence. I have excellent organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills with outstanding track record of leadership. I have been motivated by new challenges & desire to be successful in all aspects of involvement.

I have knowledge of global & local markets, emerging business trends, technology & transformation, industry & trend analysis. I am passionate about the intersection of innovation, communication, and technology.

I am particularly strong in hardware & software product management; also a member of Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) and American Management Association (AMA). I am a Scrum practitioner. I follow and promote agile methodologies and lean principles.

Specialties: Strategy & operations, business design, full stack marketing, new business development, product & service management, competitive analysis, cross-functional tasks.

If you are interested in me professionally, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I love traveling, fishing, listening songs, writing blogs and spending time with my family.

I wish to build some great web products/brands in future which will help lift social problems and generate revenue as well [;-)] If you are a web application developer and willing to work with me, send me an email detailing your project reference/links.

Feel free to contact me at +880-17-11378912 or Email me.

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